Cantine Santa Benedetta di Benedetti Alberto

Via Frascati-Colonna,35  - 00035 Monteporzio Catone (RM) ITALY

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The winery Santa Benedetta is the oldest winery of Castels Romani. Between Frascati and Monte Porzio Catone lies on the gentle slopes overlooking Rome from. Discover our history, our production, and our KM0 wine tasting


Discovering our territory - The area, called "Pilozzo", is located at the base of the north side of the Volcano Laziale. It was shaped following the eruptions of the Volcano. The soil is characterized for the alternation between pyroclastic and lavic lows happened between 600.00 and 360.000 years ago


Terroir is a French word for land, soil. In viticulture, it summarizes all the natural and cultural elements which influence wine quality and build up its distinctiveness and typicity.

The knowledge of our terroir permits to highlight the environment where our vines grow and our grapes ripe, in order to obtain excellent berries to be used for the vinification.

In Santa Benedetta, we believe that our terroir must be promoted and studied in all its components. These means analyze the soil, the climate and the morphology of our vineyard, to take advantage of the natural assemblage of factors that were preserved by our ancestors. We have to protect our terroir for future generations, and this is why we adopt sustainable agricultural practices. 



In this lands, white wine is produced for 3000 years: the wine of Rome! Traditionally, it was white wine. In the last 40 years, we have decided to start producing also red wine. It's not a job, but a challenge: make every year the best wine possible. This is achievable only by living within the vineyards, if you look at it and you love it just like your sons! Every time they need you, you are there!

The company has about ten hectares of vineyards.: Our philosophy of making wine from the vineyard of course: you can not produce a great wine without great grapes two aspects are demanding that we followed:
Yield ultra-low (less than 60 q) - severe pruning and thinning of bunches green
Traditional varieties and nobles - in recent decades we have replaced commercial grape production and widespread throughout the area, with the Bellone and Malvasia del Lazio.

Looking at the major international red wines we selected three varieties that have already shown the world their perfect harmony in becoming WINE. Again variety of low production and nobility of feeling Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese.

The last consideration is the harvest. What differentiates wines around the world are the ripening of the grapes: only if you live in your vineyard it is possible to collect them in the magical moment, especially in the seasons when the weather does not help a lot. We use and vinify only grapes from our vineyards

Olive Trees

In the winery we have around 300 plants and we mange around 20 hectares in the Sabina area. It is very difficult to organize the cultivation of such products, because the cost of production are very high, as we need to make most of the operation by hand with very small volumes of the final product

But we are convinced that the EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is the first product to qualify the importance of Italian cuisine without its excellent quality will never be able to express the deep values that can be in every dish.


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