Cantine Santa Benedetta di Benedetti Alberto

Via Frascati-Colonna,35  - 00035 Monteporzio Catone (RM) ITALY

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Meet the people who lived here and who made this lands unique and special

Antonio Benedetti, he was the father of Alberto and husband of Nonna Lia

"Le Tre Vecchie" (The three old ladies) in the same pictures that have been used as the label for the homonym Red Wine

Benedetti Family, portrayed in 1910 when they used to sell the products of our fields in the famous "Osteria Bonesara", one of the very first osteria in Roman Castels

Antonio, Alberto's son, after having worked in the most important restaurants in UK and Rome, decided to make available his competences at the sevice of our Winery

Once in awhile it is important to belive in it, isn't Antonio?

Alberto and Fabia in front of the main entrance, as usually smiling after having received our guest

Here there's everybody, or almost! We have "Nonna Lia as we used to call her, our Grandma, Alberto, and Fabia with the sons: Antonio, Luca, and Cecilia. Also, Domenica could not miss the picture, our chef since forever, that saw all the children grown up

From father to son for more than three hundred years are passed on the techniques, the feelings, memories, and secrets, so nothing is lost. The ancient convent founded by BENEDETTA said the SAINT family, turned into the cellar and in a magical rural hamlet: they meet the polished stones and objects of the family. old tools, furniture, food with wine

Filippo, "cuggio". He literally loves the soil and he was one of the most brilliant students at the University of Gent.

He does not miss any chance to be interested in grapes and terroir!

Luca, always smiling (especially with good wine and a donut fresh from the oven) with Domenica and Getulio. Also called "Jet", he's our trusted cellarman, attached to the Winery as much as us..

Another picture altogether. On the right, we find Morgana, our older sister! Every now and then, she manages to get loose from her duties in London and come back to visit us!