Wine and Oil tasting

Tasting of our wines and oils

Tasting in Santa Benedetta always starts with a visit to the winery: walking in the vineyard, among the olive trees to begin to immerse ourselves in nature and prepare all our senses for the new knowledge. For us to taste wine and oil is to offer you an experience, our products then become a means to discover and remember something unique. It will be the owners of the company, Alberto, Fabia, Antonio, who will guide you in this path from which unforgettable emotions will arise

Private lesson in the vineyard

Short course on wine and oil tasting

During the lesson with the owners you will be offered an introduction to tasting using all five of our senses; you will learn how to know and recognize the wines and oils tasted surrounded by rows of vines and olive trees. In the glass only the best that nature with motherly love offers us year after year

Wines produced by us

The best labels

Guests can taste our labels in the best vintages, immersed in the place where the wines and oils come from


Wine, oil and food

During the tasting we will celebrate what we can call the perfect wedding: wine and oil meet food and exalt each other! This is how the sensory experience becomes a timeless memory

Wine tasting while

looking at the rows of vines

Immersed in the place where the wines and oil come from

We will guide our guests in the wise search for the essence of these unique products. Inside the goblet you will see the colors, scents and flavors of the environment that surrounds them: the crystalline transparency of the sky, the gold of a ray of sunshine, the scent of a ripe fruit linked by a magical harmony

Wine Tasting in the ancient rooms

The ideal setting for an unforgettable tasting

The ideal setting for an unforgettable tasting. Inside the antique rooms, among old agricultural tools and ancient family artifacts, our roots will create the perfect environment to immerse you in this world of wine: the sight of each object, the frescoes, the antique walls will make you taste something unforgettable. Guided by Antonio and above all by his knowledge and passion for wine, every sip will become a discovery!


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